Project Description


A bespoke application built to streamline workflows

Eurosafety International provides global training and accreditation around environmental health, public health and food safety. They needed a bespoke, back-office software solution to organise everything from client records to sales data and accounting – all so they could make better business-critical decisions.


UX Design
App Development


Defining the roadmap

We first immersed ourselves in the actual day-to-day of Eurosafety employees. We ran interviews and workshops with everyone from directors to front-line representatives across different sectors. These activities helped us not only identify tactical pain points and technical requirements, but also define a vision of what the product could help them achieve.


Design, prototype, test and repeat

Next, we needed a precise conceptual model for Accesi based on the technical requirements, usability goals and our vision. We built this from the user-up, creating scenarios for different functions and key tasks. Each began with simple sketches, evolved into prototypes for user testing, and was refined after evaluating our results. These iterative cycles gave us crucial learnings for the high-level information architecture and navigation of Accesi, as well as key features of the MVP.


Prepare to launch

It was finally time to integrate detail and functionality to our solution. We started crafting the pixel-perfect user interface and collected regular feedback from different teams as we progressed. Once the UI was locked, we established a style guide to ensure that future development aligned with design specifications. We used the industry standard back- and front-end tools to ensure Accesi was future-proof. Behind the scenes, data mining worked in parallel to development as we imported and organised 12 years worth of structured and unstructured data through custom-built algorithms.

increase in productivity
Data records
cost reduction in daily operations

An evolving human-centred dashboard

Now, Accesi is a hub for Eurosafety’s daily operations around sales, marketing, customer relationships, project management, internal communications and more. Addressing the company’s holistic needs via a single digital platform was only possible through a thorough, bottom-up understanding of day-to-day demands and collaboration with staff to understand their relationships with customers, candidates, upper bodies and third-party suppliers.

“Accesi is a gamechanger for our business. It’s boosting everyone’s productivity and helping us operate in an orderly fashion.”
B.T., Director

The journey with Accesi isn’t over, as we continue to work with Eurosafety International to establish software ‘best practices’ and manage digital change on a broader scale. We are continuously improving Accesi to adapt to new business challenges in operations, such as COVID-19 and its impacts on the public health sector.

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