Project Description

Seeb London

A meaningful and eye-catching brand for a start-up

Seeb is a London retailer with a unique collection of art and artisan handicrafts. They needed memorable and eye-catching visual identity that helps them stand out in the competitive luxury retail areas of South West London.


Brand Identity
Creative Direction

Bringing a common object to life

Seeb means Apple in Persian. It’s a beautiful name, but also poses a challenge to creating a unique identity given how ubiquitous – and premium – the idea of ‘Apple’ is in our lives

We brought an original take to the Seeb logo by integrating the colours, geometry and vibrancy of Persian culture into the shape itself. Playful but also intricate, this identity helped kickstart their journey and increase brand awareness. The logo was so well-received that Seeb began selling the design on tote bags and home decor, creating a walking advertisement to build their local customer base.

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